Sunday, July 30, 2006


Invasion :
  • "invasion is a military action consisting of troops entering a foreign land"
  • "the dramatic increase in the number of individuals in a non-native population, accompanied by an expansion of range"
  • "spread to tumor cells into surrounding tissue."
  • "movement (migration) of cells into or through a barrier; penetration."
  • "the introduction of a pathogen into the host"
  • "entering a Country with a Hostile Army, Violate a CountryƂ’s borders or Neutrality"
These are typical definitions of an invasion. Interestingly, the 2nd instance is the one I want to address here.

As crazy or paranoid as what I'm going to say may sound it is nevertheless the simple, researchable truth:
Many free democratic nations of the world, including Canada and the USA, are experiencing a literal invasion.
War is traditionally defined as two opposing armies battling over geographical territories. This is no longer the only definition. Terrorism has changed that. War may now be waged without armies. Without tanks,fighterr-bombers, troops or multitudes of heavy equipment. Invasions can now be accomplished in a similar fashion.

For them, it is a question of Islamic rule of the "necessary" conversion of the world to Allah. Of course many or most will vehemently deny this - Google the meaning of "al taqiyya" - (they cannot be trusted to tell the truth). Some Muslims may be sincere and ignorant of what's really going on.

Their method of conquest is not by massive military forces confronting at national borders.

Their method of invasion is the same, in principle, as their method of warfare. A few persons at a time, coming in discreetly, using up national resources, reproducing abundantly and eventually taking over by sheer force of numbers + intimidation.

The city of Marseilles in France is now 60% mulsim. The city of Brussels in Belgium now has 300,000 Muslims. Look up the stats yourself.

The recent riots in France were instigated and carried out almost entirely by the ArabMuslim population to incite fear and submission to their will in France. Funny that the media does not tell us this!? More idiocy in the name of political correctness in not "discriminating" against anyone because of their religion. Many French are now in fear of them.

They are already demanding special status in our schools and in the Charter of Rights.

Europe is already largely invaded and is already planned to be called "Eurabia". Google it)

The invasion of Europe by Islam has been successful thus far. Much more successfull than the invasions of the middle ages. It is largely an accomplished feat already with some exceptions and areas remaining. In denying Christianity and it's values and worth, Europes' leaders have been letting the serpent of the new Islamic conquistadors in their front door and are now watching Europe, as it has been known for centuries, disappear into darkness.

In short Islam is attempting to conquer the world by simple immigration and reproduction. Simple. And we, thus far, are letting them do so!! Mostly invisible, largely undetectable for those who still believe the only danger is suicide bombers!. (one hundred Muslims turn into one thousand in just one decade)

Worse; Political correctness in the free nations and the gullible idiocy and naivety of it's leadership and often it's citizens has made these invasions not only possible but easy - over time. Just a question of time if things are allowed to continue as now.

Historically Islam has mainly attempted world conquest by military might mixed with terrorism. This is no longer the strategy. The new strategy is much more simple, cost-effective and efficient. Kamikaze soldiers killing a few at a time - along with themselves, immigration and high reproduction. They tend to take control of things, one neighborhood at a time - forcing those who refuse to convert, to leave by persistent intimidation and threats.

The Arabic word Jihad is derived from the root word Jahada (struggle). Jihad has come to mean an offensive war to be waged by Muslims against all non-Muslims to convert them to Islam on the pain of death. Jihad is enjoined on all Muslims by the Quran.

It genders very little resistance from the foreign nations it targets. Indeed Islam relies on the fundamental values of tolerance and mercy adhered to by their targets to allow them to succeed.

If Canada and the US and Britain continue to accept Islamic immigrants North America, as we have known and loved, is doomed to fall to Islamic dominance with all it's consequence of human rights and yes, most certainly freedom. Violence against women and children, intolerance of ANY other religion and severity of rule and ridiculously severe sanctions and punishments for minor crimes are what one may expect. Just ask any christian who has had to survive in any Muslim nation. They don't survive at all! They either escape or die! Saudi Arabia practices this.

Conversion to any other religion is punishable by death even amongst themselves in many regions. Cutting off of hands and feet and heads is all part of the Quran's rules against "infidels" i.e. any non Muslim!

No, I don't hate Muslims nor Arabs. And, I also deplore racism and violence. But neither am I blind to what is obvious. One can see the realities just by looking more closely at the worlds present situations. This is now just as easy to see as for the many who saw the reality of the plans of the Nazis before WWII.

Time for freedom lovers, christians and anyone smart enough to see that all this is true to start yelling and complaining to your government and informing others a lot more loudly. The invasions must cease or free nations will cease to exist as we know them.

Again, write your deputy, MP's and government leaders and start demanding they stop this kind of immigration (invasion) before we lose all that we have lived and stood for since the beginning of our free, judeo/christian value-based, democratic nations.