Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Sale of America

Canada (indeed all North Am) is being sold to the lowest bidders. In becoming a quick & easy part of the "global community" by letting any criminal, terrorist or pretended refugee in we are losing our own! It is well known that Canada is a haven for criminals and terrorists. They come in easily, few questions asked, by claiming to be refugees etc.

Islamics and others have been invading this land for years - one by one. This is their method when they know they cannot win a real invasion. Take over slowly by reproducing abundantly in the land and putting more and more pressure on it's people to yield to their wants. Once they are in a majority position it becomes much more openly violent. Convert to Allah or else...

You think I'm exaggerating or paranoid? Wrong. Thems the facts. It can been seen all over the world now.

Just look at Europe, France...

Our anti-judeo/christian media does not put this on TV. They hide it. One is tempted to think that this is what they want. Not quite. What they really want is the death of Christianity in favor of secular humanism, the one world government (more and more obvious) and the scientific elite's view of what moral values we should and should not hold.

What you see on TV and various controlled media is generally anti-christian. Just look at the Lenanon situation. You see mostly Lebanese civilians wounded, dead or dying and you hear how Israel kills so many innocents. You never hear how Hezbollah is know for it's tactics in hiding amongst the civilian population so that when attacked they can show all the innocent blood shed Israel has caused to the whole world in order to gender sympathy for their cause!!

They are notoriously brutal to their own people and have no qualms at all about sacrificing them for the TV cameras and press! One never hears this on CBC, ABC, NBC...the whole friggin' alphabet of public news stations. And this is supposed to be the free world of the free press. Bull shit. You see manipulated footage and hear Islamic and humanist propaganda every day on the news.

This land has been on the moral, social selling block for decades. Decency and moral correctness (as opposed to political correctness) have been fleeing the country for many years.
The fake "rights" claim by small aggressive lobbying groups like the whole "gay" movement have been buying the country through pretended claims to rights for years. It has in fact little to do with rights.

In being media deceived into believing that moral and social idiocy = tolerance, we have been selling our national, moral souls to the lowest bidders.

Not only to radical Islamic terrorists, that we've been very naively and foolishly letting in for a song and a dance, but also to many other "doctrines of devils", if you will.

"Rights" is always the claim. Our morally blind leaders do not know the difference between "rights" and "right". It's a cruel joke, and we will pay dearly for it over the next century or two if we continue per the status quo. It is impossible to redefine marriage. They think they have done so. But one cannot change the Law of Nature. Nature always wins. It is stupidity of the worst kind to try and do so.

Nations who think they are smarter than nature and try to change fundamental laws have always been those on the brink of moral collapse - which in turn leads to national weakness and the inability to distinguish right from wrong --- eventually --- moral, social and economic collapse. This we can readily see in our media and judicial systems. "He gave them fools for judges" said Job.

Next on the agenda will be what? Bestiality, pedophilic "rights", the de-tabooing of incest and such. The "right" to marry your dog? "Considering themselves to be wise, they became fools".

With the morally brainless twits that have run this land (with the possible exception of Harper who seems to be conscious of real, enduring values) it is entirely possible if not probable.

I for one am totally fed up with the marketing of evil in the guise of tolerance and "rights".
They have, in fact, preyed upon America's sense of judeo/christian values to destroy those values. Cunning.

All this can be traced to the secular humanist movement; (Which in turn can be traced much father back in various naturalistic and/or atheistic philosophies)

Man is god - that is their credo.

"Remove religious taboos in the name of freedom.", they say. But freedom, real freedom is the power to subdue ones emotions and submit one's will to do what is right. Not to do whatever one pleases. Freedom is self-control, not self indulgence.

This notion of true freedom, in our present society, is waxing and waning away through the influence of the gods of humanism. Along with the notions of personal responsibility that come with it. One must not confound humanism with humanitarianism. The two are vastly different.

It's time the moral majority, got off it's "laissez-aller", don't scream till it hurts you personally, butt and started screaming to this government!

But how? That's the imposing question. It's actually easier than it seems.

Personally - by lobbying, writing letters to your MP or to the PM in person is a good start. Writing to your local news papers and speaking up is also good. Most of them are too cowardly and under the control of humanist interests oligarchs to print letters opposing the politically correct but it's worth it anyway.

You can look up your local MP on the web. Here's the PM's e-mail :
Write him. The more we are who write and air our views the more attention we get.