Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon Evacuations

Various nations have been evacuating their citizens from Lebanon over the past week.

War does that.

Personally, I have a problem with this. All we see on Canadian TV reports is mostly Islamic Lebanese "canadians" bitching over the lack of quality evacuation conditions.

Why does any government have to evacuate it's citizens from a foreign country anyway? Who pays for the evacuation? The tax payer of course.

I fail to see any grounds for a right to complain from these ungrateful refugees from Lebanon, now Canadian citizens, now living in Lebabnon of their own choice.

These people come into Canada, or other countries, to flee warfare. They stay long enough to become legal citizens. Then they move back when more peaceful times arrive. Then when the inevitable warfare starts up again due to terrorist activities common to their home land, they bitch and whine like insulted brats because the government doesn't move as quickly as they wish to get them out again!?

Disgusting attitudes. How about we just send them back and let them stay there? - at least until they have the decency to appreciate that any aid is given at all. This is the problem - not the aid - the attitude!

They went willingly, they paid for their passage. So why is it that when things go wrong they cannot pay their own way back and be thankful they were even allowed in a war-free land in the 1st place?! They went, they knew the risk - it's their problem. Why should the normal tax payer have to pay enormous sums of hard-earned money to move these profiteering "citizens" back? They went on their own, let them fend for themselves, or be thankful and grateful there is any help at all.

We can be pretty sure countries like China, Russia, Cuba and many others, would have done nothing at all for their citizens in such a situation. They would have told these people, "You left and went there on your own, you come back on your own". Or they would have simply said and done nothing at all.

It is the good grace of some countries to lay out great expense to help their own.

I see no possible excuse for people acting like spoiled rotten brats whenever the government doesn't get them out of the trouble they have moved into in long war-torn lands.

I appreciate even less the fact that these ungrateful quislings are given free stay in hotels on their return, and that a Prime Minister (or President) should move out to greet them.

The government would never do any such thing for those that live here and stay here!! These must pay for the others. And no special aid is ever available to home-dwelling citizens who simply cannot afford to travel the world.

Yet look at the incredible offerings these refugees get, things that most native born Canadians never get! Like the way they receive more money from our idiot government than our own retired senior citizens get from the wanning CPP! The list of refugee benefits is long and ought to be an embarassment to our mindless wimp politicians who are always trying to squirm their way out of giving anything to true citizens but are always giving away rights and cash to low-life complainers!

Let these complainers either pay their own way or stop whining like ungrateful nigglers. And let them become true citizens or no citizens at all!