Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Is this it? Has it started? Is Israel vs Hezbollah the beginning of the "Judgement Day War" (Terminator 2), Armageddon?

I fear that it is probable with so many 1st class morons running the UN and mass media propaganda running most of public opinion.

Get ready people.

In the Aug 2, 2006 Forbes article, Mideast War Rages With No End in Sight , the authors state:
The U.N. announced it would again postpone a meeting of nations that could contribute troops to help stabilize south Lebanon, saying it was premature to talk about deploying peacekeepers before imposing a plan for peace between Israel and Hezbollah.
(bold mine)

The people running the very dangerous and power hungry UN are such lollards it is amazing they could ever possibly get any kind of job whatsoever there at all. Dumb and dumber they are.

First they have no right to impose any peace plan involving a legitimate nation and any group of cowardly terrorists! Second, there is a nation called Israel but there is no such thing as a nation called Hezbollah. Thus, no talk of peace can be logical, in any rational terms, between a real nation and a band of coward killers named Hezbollah. They use their own people as human shields and sacrifice them to the cameras of the ignorant West to garner sympathy and hatred against their enemies! Diabolical indeed.

And there will never be peace between Israel and any nation that denies Israel's right to exist, and is bent upon it's destruction with no lesser position possible by their very creed! There can be no peace between Islamic terrorists and Israel - they are mutually exclusive. The latter exists in part, for the destruction of the former.

Many Palestinians write on their flags and speak daily, "The Sabbath we will kill the Jews, and Sunday it will be the Christians". Funny one never sees or hears this on the 6 oclock news!!

PEACE? With blood thirsty psychos like this? A true farce of historic proportions. The UN's blind leaders of the blind ought to be ashamed of themselves for even pretending that peace is possible in cases like this. You may as well talk of peace between a person and an angry nest of hornets. The only way to peace is to get rid of the hornets.

Once again this pompous and arrogant, OPEC/Islam fearing organization, falsely called the United Nations, is attempting to place itself in command of the world as they see it - through radical Islamic eyes.

In my view, it's only going to get worse this time. WW III? I sure hope not.

But if so, we all knew it was coming.

And thankfully, anyone who reads the bible knows what will be the final outcome.
"...Lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near"