Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bronze Age Goat Herders?

How many times have I heard ignorant atheists tell me that the bible was written by "bronze age goat herders", with the obvious implication that "therefore it is unreliable, and mostly ignorant junk"? Well, I can't count the times. You'd think that at least some of these poor folks would have the honesty and at least some minor competence in researching things before opening their mouths and revealing to all that they know nothing whereof they speak.  Nope. I guess that would be too much to ask for.

I guess that insults the poor atheist that parrots this kind of tripe while thinking himself "smart"?
Well sorry, but you deserve it. Get a proper education. Get informed. Learn some honesty. Stop being such a lazy bum.
Do the world a favor. Do yourself a favor. Stop embarrassing yourself in front of every informed person reading your parroted-verbatim ignorance.

Historical FACTS on some of the bible authors:

Moses wrote the 1st five books of the bible.  Moses was a prince, brought up in the Egyptian Pharaoh's courts and educated in all the knowledge of science, history, religion, philosophy, language, architecture and military strategy that the people who built the Pyramids possessed. Moses was also the commander of the Egyptian armies.
Does that sound like a bronze age goat herder to you?

If you still think so then you exemplify how ludicrous the misinformed, misguided  atheists are, the ones  who make this kind of bunk up.

Enoch was a high king over many other kings and called the scribe for his recording historical events, long before there was any such thing as a historian.

Abraham was a prince of Chaldea, the so-called cradle of civilization, having learned the knowledge of the Chaldeans and Babylonians who built ancient Babylon. Isaac and Jacob were educated in his house. He moved to Canaan and, like every other well educated prince of his time, he large herds of cattle.  Sure they had cattle. Almost EVERYBODY did back then! Ninety-five % of the population in ancient societies were agricultural.

So does that mean they were uneducated? Totally wrong. And talk about ludicrous "logic". How in heaven's name do these ill-reasoning souls equate being a cattle rancher and/or an agriculturalist with uneducated, ignorant or stupid? Not by any known logical means, that's for certain. Ergo, these kinds of atheists are website posting, nonsense and ignorance herders,  less knowledgeable than most of the biblical authors.

Moreover, EVERY Jewish child had to learn and often memorize the Torah and often the commentaries of the principle doctors of the Torah on it.  Guess what you? THAT is almost the ancient equivalent to a law school degree!

Lawrence Krauss is one of the disingenuous jokers that proffers and parrots - like a mindless robot - such naive ignorance-based statements.  Believe it or not ignorant Mr. Krauss, there were no supermarkets, grocery stores, general stores, shopping malls back then. People raised their own cattle and grew their own food.  Ever tried it? 

And look at this - these same ancient people also invented language, writing, science, history recording, architecture, medicine, developed mathematics, ...

David was a highly educated king of Israel, a brilliant military strategist and leader.

Solomon is still viewed as among the wisest and richest men that ever lived. Anyone with a competent-thinking mind can read his Proverbs and recognize deep psychological understanding of human nature and good practical wisdom.

Here's why clueless atheists so often have such problems with this. If "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", then the rejection of the Lord is the beginning of insanity. Indeed. Atheism is little better than denial of reality. Denial of reality is part of insanity.

I continue.  Nehemiah was king Artaxerxes' cup-bearer.
"This, with the Persians, was reckoned a very honourable office (g). A son of Prexaspes, a very honourable man, was made cupbearer to Cambyses; and so it was with the Greeks and Romans (h); and the poets not only make Ganymedes to be Jupiter's cupbearer (i,but even Vulcan himself is put into this office (k).
(g) Herodot. Thalia, sive, l. 3. c. 34. Xenophon. Cyropaedia, l. 5. c. 36. (h) Vid. Athenaei Deipnosophist. l. 10. (i) Homer. Iliad. 21. ver. 234. (k) Homer. Iliad. 1. prope finem." - John Gill
Most of the Hebrew prophets were well educated priests. All priests were required a thorough education in the law.

Daniel was the first counselor and advisor to the greatest kings on earth, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Medes, far surpassing all the other advisors in knowledge and wisdom - wisdom, something the new atheists and their merry band of sheepish disciples and dupes have none of.

Luke, author of the gospel of that name and the book of Acts, was a physician and professional historian.

Paul was a respected doctor of Law and leader among the Jewish people of his time.

People like Krauss, Coyne, Dawkins, Harris et al., are in dire need of getting informed and getting out of their childishly naive and fatuous claims.
Indeed, as even atheist philosopher Michael Ruse pointed out,
"Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion would fail any introductory philosophy or religion course. Proudly he criticizes that whereof he knows nothing"
Sadly, the gullible and those too lazy to do their homework, among the public, and who swallow the intellectual codswallop that those imposters preach like the most fervent TV evangelists out for your money, are suckers for these old baloney-brain "goat herder" lies.