Monday, August 28, 2006

EU and Turkish troops in Lebanon

EU troops would be relatively understandable. But muslim troops? Sounds like grave foolishness to me.

We will now witness Israel being more and more surrounded by other nations' armies as prophesied in the scriptures. A gathering of muslim and EU troops (with a large number of Arab muslim soldiers) around Israel - howbeit only the Lebanese border for now - is a very, very bad idea. It is literally sending anti-semitic or partly anti-semitic troops to ensure peace with Israel! A gross contradiction between end and means.

This is also squarely placing the Turkish troops into a position where they can be most influenced by Islamic fundamentalist radicals. A very bad idea - especially coming from an Israeli! Once again we see in this the extent of Israel's good will and willingness to compromise to it's own disadvantage to resolve this conflict. That's what we've witnessed over and over again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

It does not make sense, and is also yet another example of the world's blindness to the Eurabian phenomenon.

And the UN never makes nervous and angry pleas to muslim nations surrounding Israel to qualm their anti-semitic, anti-Israel doctrines. The UN rarely accuses the much larger, more populous Arab nations around Israel of co-operation with terrorists even though that co-operation is clear.

It has never accused these nations of refusing to receive their own people and make a Palestinian state for them in their more than ample territories. (One can literally walk across Israel - north/south in less than a day it is so small.) It has always ignored the evidence of the deliberate use of Palestinians as terrorist thorns in Israel's side.

The UN almost always focuses it's attacks on Israel. The whole thing smells of conspiracy. Though that word has become rather over used, it is nevertheless easily arguable if not empirically demonstratable.

The present "solution" of sending in Turkish muslim troops to Lebanon is a very bad idea and doesn't even make sense. The future Eurabian state sending in it's troops is also a bad idea. It won't work. The situation is going from bad to worse. Israel being surrounded by potentially hostile forces.

The world seems to ignore the muslim invasion of Europe as though it were not happening. Europe has already fundamentally changed because of this and other factors - see blog archives.

And oil & oil money can almost universally be found to be the deciding factor in all. Black gold.

Nations are being drawn into the very area where Armageddon will take place and one must seriously wonder if this is not in fact their ultimate goal - the destruction of Israel as the final solution to the mid-east conflict.

Is peace even possible in the middle east? YES! Both Arab peoples and Jews are the descendants of Abraham! They are brothers. Why should they not rather love each other for this?

But no peace is possible while people that believe Israel must not be allowed to exist as a nation are in control and supported by Arab nations. Not while the world condemns Israel for self-defence and for taking the offensive against terrorists. If Israel were the US, this conflict would have finished long ago because the US (nor any other major nation) would ever have tolerated what Israel has tolerated for so many decades.

Think about it - WW III is clearly on the horizon and no nation is ready for it.