Saturday, August 12, 2006

More insanity in the middle East

Can you believe it? What can you say about a people that have a one track mind to destroy another people? What kind of up-bringing leads one people to persistently seek the death of another people at any cost to themselves?

Insanity? Or is it diabolically induced? It would seem to be the latter which in turn leads to the former.

Israel has discovered and destroyed a 150 meter tunnel built between Egypt and Gaza. A tunnel built for smuggling arms. Some details here. They expect to find many more. I have no doubt they will.

I mentioned that Israel stops about 20 suicide attackers each week. Terrorists attempting to kill their people for no better reason than this Islamic fundamentalist "doctrinal" error that claims Israel should not exit. Thankfully there are a few intelligent Muslims who strongly disagree with this "policy" - their lives are in danger as well. How's that for a religion of love!?

What would you do if some people tried to brake into your home 20 times each week to kill you?
Think it over before answering non chalantly.

What would you do if you further discovered that they are even digging tunnels between their house and yours to get to you to destroy you?

Would you turn the other cheek and call for more diplomacy? You'd be long dead and gone if you did so just once!

But Israel has been pushed into attempting diplomacy for decades with no good at all as the result. Sad but true.

If this kind of aggression were to occur in any other sovereign nation, the whole world would rise in disgust. Not when it is Israel. Why? That is the question no one is answering. And in fact that is the question no mass media propagandists are even asking.

No they're content to report with the usual, ever so subtle, anti-Israeli codswallop about how terrible Israel is to be moving out to remove the cancer, defending itself and acting justly towards those who seek it's destruction as one of the primary goals of their life.

The truth is that Israel should have wiped this aggressive force off the map long ago and had the backing and aid of the free nations. That's how WWII started. It was atrocious, but something had to be done against the vile plans of Nazi Germany's leaders. Why is it that no one today seems to call for similar action against Islamic terrorism when Israel is the target?

I get so sick of hearing the hypocritical UN and the cowardly mass media's call for diplomacy on this issue. Even Canadian general Romeo Dallaire thinks diplomacy is the answer simply because violence isn't. He says there is a need for men of peace but there are none.

Of course he is right, up to a point. Unfortunately, he ought to allow his experience in Rwanda tell him that peace is impossible with the devil. Absolute evil exists and is incarnate in this world in the form of terrorism and 100's of other forms against which decent people clamour each day. Rwanda was scourged by one such instance of this evil. Israel has been fighting it, mostly alone, for many long years.

You cannot negotiate with a nest of mad hornets. I hate to admit it but violent response is the only possible response to such evil under the current circumstances. Evil does not and cannot listen to reason.

The insane mandate of Islamic terrorists, "the Sabbath we will kill the jews and Sunday it will be the christians turn", cannot be responded to with dipomacy any more than diplomacy is the cure for cancer.